Will we recieve RAWs?

No. Post-processing is the most intensive part of your wedding as we work hard to ensure every image meets our artistic standard. Editing is half of the magic, and every photo has our custom look applied and is adjusted for things like brightness and optimal color. Rest assured that we would never withhold any images.

Do you travel?

We are based in Brisbane, but we do service the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, and surrounding Brisbane regions. We'll travel wherever the stories are. Email us for a travel quote if your ideal location is outside these areas.

How do we book?

To book a date, we require a signed contract and non-refundable retainer fee to be placed. We'll guide you through all of it when we receive your inquiry. Unfortunately, dates cannot be reserved until these have been received but once they have - badda bing, badda boom, we're booked!

Can we choose the way our images are edited?

In terms of our editing process, we are quite firm with our consistency in editing for all images. We aim to have our images consistently representing our business and our overall approach to photography. Over the years, we have developed a specific editing style that we feel best represents our vision. As such, we are so passionate about ensuring every image we send to our beautiful couples and every image that is shared on social media reflects a consistent brand and editing style. Given this, we do not alter our editing process. Liking a photographer's editing is also just as important as liking their technical approach.

Where do your prices start?

Our prices start at:
- $1800 for weddings
- $350 for engagement sessions
- $800 for elopements