What We're All About

Holding hands with your lover, belly-laughing, breaking away from the clinical style of photography and into the fresh and fun freedom of ditching expectations and having a bloody blast while doing it. That's what we're all about.

It's pretty important to make sure you find a photographer who has the right kind of approach for you. So we'll go first.

Let's Get Real For A Second

There are so many beautiful, incredible photographers out there to choose from. We’re not going to tell you that we’re better than they are because the truth is simply this: art touches everyone differently.

Some people will connect with someone else’s work more than ours, and that’s okay! We’re focused on being present for the people that do connect with our work.

And together we can make magic happen.

Our Approach

So here’s what we’re all about: connection, intimacy, joy. That’s what we like our work to portray. 



The real stuff. No uncomfortable posing, no stiff smiling. Just you and your lover and the magic of simply just being together. Candid, magic moments. 



Let’s get messy and wild and real and make some magic together.

Meet the Team


Hi! I'm Brooklyn. I'm 22 years old and am still figuring out life and all its lemons. I love old vinyl records, that feeling of opening a new book, anything Harry Potter and a good pair of big, extravagant earrings. I think Uber Eats is the greatest modern invention, I think the 70s had the best music (although the 80s are a close second), and I think the world needs much, much more love. Being a wedding photographer is actually the greatest job and I'm excited to one day be old and wrinkled telling my grandkids about the time I photographed love for a living and everything it taught me as a human being.


Hey hey hey, I'm Rach. I cry when I'm happy and I giggle when I'm nervous. My husband says I have too many plants. I say I don't, but we both know he's right. I love all things Will Ferrell and still have a crush on David Bowie from the 1986 movie Labyrinth. I think kindness is love with its work boots on. I could chat the tail off a donkey and am a people-person through and through. I started photographing when I was a teenager and haven't stopped. Weddings for me are about people and their connection and that's why I love it so much. I love leaving a wedding day knowing I've been a part of someone's day, that I have made a difference.

More About Us

We’ve been shooting weddings full-time for about 5 years now and think it’s pretty much the coolest thing ever to watch people love (and be loved) for a living. Our first wedding was in 2013 and we’ve been addicted ever since.

When we’re not behind the camera, Rach is a kick-ass school librarian and collects way too many plants, and Brooklyn can most likely be found listening to Elvis records or binge-watching the Harry Potter series. For those asking how we met – Rach gave birth to Brooklyn, so that’s pretty cool.

We love to celebrate with our couples because we’re so overjoyed just to be there.